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Cleaning FAQs

How often will you clean my windows?
We can clean them as often or as infrequent as you like.  Most customers choose every 4 or 8 weeks.  We are very happy to do them less often as long as it coincides with a time when we are cleaning other properties in your area.
Will you do a one off clean?
Green Team provides a regular window cleaning service only. We do not undertake one-off window cleans.
When will you do the initial clean?
We will undertake the initial clean as soon as possible and then your subsequent clean will be carried out when we are next in your area to coincide with other work.
Do you clean the frames every time?
We undertake a deep clean on the initial visit which includes the frames, windows, sills and doors. We charge extra for this first clean as this generally takes two to three times as long as a regular clean. UPVC frames are cleaned on every visit to clean your windows thereafter. If your frames are painted wood then the frames are not cleaned every time as this can harm the paintwork.
Do you offer the traditional method of window cleaning?

No. Green Team don’t offer the traditional method of window cleaning as we prefer to use the much safer and more efficient method of Reach & Wash (Water-fed-pole).

Will it be the same member of staff every time?
It will not necessarily be the same person who visits your property on every occasion.
Will you let us know you are coming?
We offer all our customers a text or email alert service early on the morning of our intended visit.  This message comes through at approximately 7:00am.
Will it be the same day every day?
No, unfortunately due to inclement weather, staff holidays and unforeseen circumstances we cannot guarantee the same day every time.
Do you cover my area?
For domestic window cleaning we cover, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Wetherby, Collingham, Linton, Otley, Killinghall, Hampsthwaite, Beckwithshaw, Bickerton, Boston Spa, Kirkby Overblow, Sicklinghall, North Rigton, Burn Bridge, Pannal, Follifoot, Ripley, Burnt Yates, Huby, Spofforth, Bramham, Walton, Kettlesing, Birstwith, Stainburn, Weeton and Pool in Wharfedale.

For commercial window cleaning we cover the whole of Yorkshire.

Is the price you quote me fixed?
Initially, we provide two prices, one for the initial deep clean and then a regular price for every clean thereafter. The regular clean price is the price you will pay after we have cleaned your windows.  There are no hidden charges.
Do I have to be at home?
No. We will undertake the work and then post a card with the date on through your letterbox to let you know we have cleaned your windows.
Can I specify the day?

Regular external window cleaning has to be undertaken when cleaning other houses in your area.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. You can call the office or send an email and we will terminate our agreement with immediate effect. As a business owner I would respectfully invite you to let me know the reason for your cancellation.
When do I pay you?
We respectfully invite all customers to join GoCardless, our Direct Debit scheme.

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For more information regarding GoCardless Payments to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Does the weather affect the service?
Our operatives work all year round in most weather conditions.
Do you need to park near the house?
Yes.  We would need to park as near to your house as possible.  If parking is problematic, it may be difficult to provide you with this service.
Is it important to have my gutters cleared out?
Yes. Gutters become clogged with debris such as moss, leaves, weeds and grass.  This affects the ability to drain the water away.  If left, this can lead to a number of issues such as internal damp, damage to brickwork and rendering and can even damage the foundations.
How do you clean the gutters?
Up to 10 meters high, we use ladders, our hands and extension poles to clear out the gutters. This enables us to see what is in the gutters and also if there are any other problems you need to be made aware of. Above 10 meters we would need to use a mobile access platform (cherry picker).
How often should I have my gutters cleared out?
This depends on where you live.  If there are big trees around your house then we recommend at least once a year.  If there are no trees then perhaps every two or three years.
Where will the gutter debris go?
We will dispose of the gutter debris in your brown bin or a suitable compost area within the garden.
Will I need to be in for you to clear my gutters?
No, we are completely self-sufficient.  We will undertake the work and leave a card.  If there is anything to report, we will email you.
Why should I have my roofline cleaned?
Over the years, if not maintained, the roofline will become grey and discoloured.  This will affect the appearance of your property in a negative way.
How do you clean the roofline?
We will use a water brush to clean all the grime and dirt from your uPVC soffits, fascias, outsides of gutters and downpipes. Please note that this method of cleaning is highly efficient at cleaning uPVC and will remove all dirt, grime, dust and green algae etc, however, it will not remove any ‘greyness’ or discolouration which happens over time. Regular annual cleaning of the uPVC will help prevent discolouration and keep your property looking in tip top condition
How often should I have my roofline cleaned?
Ideally, once a year. A regular clean will keep your property looking well loved!

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