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Water Fed Pole Window Cing In Harrogate By Green Team Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaners In Harrogate

We are local, water-fed pole window cleaners in Harrogate and Knaresborough. We have been cleaning windows with the latest techniques for decades, and we use this method because it’s effective and inexpensive for homeowners.

Now it’s only streak-free windows – pole fed cleaning has revolutionised our industry!

You need not worry about marks or accidents with tall ladders. And the days of harsh soaps and chemicals have also gone. 

If you need a window cleaner for high windows in the Harrogate or nearby area, try our online quote tool and see a price before you book.

Water fed pole window cleaning in Harrogate

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning FAQ


What is water fed pole window cleaning?

Water fed pole window cleaning is the modern way to clean windows. Purified water pumps through a long, extendable pole with a specialist window cleaning brush on the end. Inside the pole, a pump system dispenses the purified water on demand. Together, the pure water and the brush clean dust, dirt, leaves, pollen and every other speck from external windows. Finally, the windows are left to dry naturally.

It has revolutionised window cleaning safety because even the highest, hardest-to-reach windows, skylights and roof lights can be cleaned to perfection!

Why do window cleaners use purified water?

We only use pure water with our water fed pole cleaning because purified water is so effective is it does not need detergent or harmful chemicals. It is kind to our environment.

Why? Well, the pure water won’t leave behind any water marks, streaks, residue, or mineral deposits. Even though the windows are not dried by anything other than the air, they dry quickly and remain streak free with purified water.

Using this method makes cleaning windows much more environmentally friendly.

Do you use detergent with water fed pole cleaning?

No, we never use detergent with water fed pole cleaning, only pure water. The water is run through a reverse osmosis filter to remove all the minerals and contaminants. So when the water washes off the dirt, no nasty detergents are required. A win-win for your windows and the planet.

We Will Reach And Wash Your Windows Across Harrogate & Knaresborough 

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