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Three potential problems you risk if you clean your own windows It’s only natural that you might want to have a stab at cleaning your own windows. After all, how hard can it be? Well, the reality of the situation is that it can actually be very tricky – not to mention that you can encounter a number of potential problems if you go down this route. Here are three things that you risk if you take the responsibility into your own hands.


Washing your own windows can be a recipe for disaster. You’re dealing with ladders, slippery surfaces and all the elements that the weather can throw at you. In one fell swoop you could find yourself limping from the scene – or worse if you’re not careful! The professionals have been doing the job for years and know exactly how to avoid the hazards, so stay safe and let them take the risk.


You won’t just need a can-do attitude and some understanding of what you’re doing when it comes to successfully cleaning your own windows. Instead, you’ll also need all the right equipment if you’re to do a good job. This includes telescopic poles with glass friendly brushes and purified water. Don’t be shocked to find that even with these things you could end up doing an inadequate job which only makes your windows look poor compared to those of your neighbours.


You’re more than likely in for a surprise if you think you can have the whole job completed in a matter of minutes. The reality of the situation is that cleaning windows is a rather time-consuming task. In fact, the hours can easily slip away from you – ultimately leaving you questioning whether it would have been better to have just put your feet up and left it to the professionals.

It makes sense!

Just think for one moment: are these potential problems worth the risk? Probably not. After all, you can easily rely on a professional and highly skilled cleaning service to do the job for you. To have your windows or gutters treated thoroughly and for an affordable price in Harrogate, get in touch with Green Team.