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Farmhouse Restaurant Harrogate Window Cleaner For Pubs & Restaurants

Shops, Bars, Pubs & Restaurant Window Cleaning Excellence In Harrogate

Since 1997, we have been commercial window cleaning contractors of choice for many restaurants, pubs, bars and shop fronts across the region. Our professional, courteous team of experienced window cleaners are discreet and efficient, ensuring minimal distribution to your customers, staff, and business.

We Clean Shops & Restaurants Windows From Knaresborough To Wetherby

We are a window cleaning company based in Harrogate, providing our services to restaurant owners, shop owners, and landlords across Knaresborough to Wetherby. We know how crucial it is to have a clear view for your customers and that your windows are the first thing they notice – first impressions count!

Hoopers Shop Window Cleaned

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Shops, Bars & Restaurant Window Cleaning

Why hire a commercial window cleaner?

The main benefit of hiring a professional window cleaner is protecting your staff and business from health and safety breaches. Hiring a commercial window cleaner is the safest choice for your business because we are trained in working at height and have special tools to ensure clear windows every time. This lets you focus on running your business while we provide maximum natural light to flow in through clear windows. So your potential customers can see inside, and your existing customers can view outside in full clarity.

When will you clean my business' windows?

We clean your windows at a time that won’t affect your trade. We can discuss your preferred time schedule and work within that. However, because we have many commercial clients we are aware of the best times to minimise disruption to your business.

Will you clean my windows when my business is not open?

We can clean your shop, pub or restaurants windows when your business is closed. Your business does not need to be open for clean exterior windows. All we need is access to the windows you require cleaning.

How do you clean outside windows that are too high to reach?

To reach your high windows, we use an extended pole system with purified water. Some people call this system reach and wash. Its the best window cleaning system in terms of both health and safety and high windows. See more HERE on pole-fed window cleaning

How often should a business clean their windows?

It varies from business to business on how often you should clean your windows, from weekly to quarterly. Some companies in heavy weather or high-traffic areas (i.e., lots of dirty fingers or vehicle debris) require cleaning every week. Other businesses with higher-storey windows or quieter, less weather-effected areas may only require window cleaning once a month or once a quarter.

Your primary consideration should be if your business is in a heavy traffic area and your window is your showcase, then more regular cleaning is advised—for instance, most cafes, restaurants, shops or shopping areas have 1-2 times per month window cleaning schedules.

What makes you the best bar or restaurant window cleaners in Harrogate?

What makes us the best bar and restaurant window cleaners in the Harrogate, Knaresborough and Wetherby areas is our locality and experience. Our family-run business and window cleaners are based in Harrogate, and for over 25 years, we have regularly worked with local hospitality establishments, achieving 5-star ratings. Clients include:

Plus many more local eateries, drinks establishments and retailers. For business window cleaning in Harrogate areas, try Green Team.


Who is the best business window cleaner in Harrogate areas?

Without blowing our own trumpet too loudly, we aim to be the best window cleaners for businesses in Harrogate and all nearby areas. We believe in working with our community, being sustainable and supporting locals. But don’t just take our word for it. Other businesses we regularly work with include:

108 Fine Art Gallery Harrogate Windows Cleaned By Green Team

Harrogate's Best Commercial Window Cleaners

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