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Why a cleaning service is a must for your rented property

Building maintenance is one of the key responsibilities for a management company in charge of a property portfolio, whether it’s one building full of flats or a series of buildings across a site. The vital, everyday maintenance such as the structural and utilities usually take the spotlight, however, there are a few reasons why you can’t ignore the cleaning.

Rental income

Even in a small block of flats, your landlords will be experiencing a fairly regular turnover of tenants, and in a large portfolio, that could equate to a couple of move ins a week, all year round. With a buoyant property market and lots of competition for tenants, it’s important to have the edge and the ability to get as much money for a flat as possible. First impressions count, and a dirty driveway, windows or UPVC can be enough to put prospective tenants off. It makes the area look less welcoming, and may cause them to worry what other aspects of maintenance their management company isn’t doing properly. Getting a professional cleaning service to clean the windows and driveway of the building regularly, can put your mind at ease, and help ensure tenants get a great impression whenever
they come to view.


Water is one of the most destructive ingress problems you can get, and a building’s guttering is one of the primary ways that water is taken safely away from the structure when it rains. It may seem like it’s out of sight and out of mind, however, clogged guttering can cause serious damp problems if that excess water leaks down the walls or into the roof – leaving your landlords with a hefty bill and leaving you potentially liable. By getting the professionals in to clean the gutter safely, you’re ensuring that the building will stay nice and dry, and be saving yourself a future headache.

Wear and tear

Management charges are a fact of life for landlords, but they expect value for money. They won’t be happy being hit with unexpected repairs that cause disruption and waste time. By making sure your building’s uPVC windows are clean, and the drive is kept free of weeds, you’re ensuring that these last for as long as possible and in good condition. That means fewer repair bills for your company and less hassle for your landlords.