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When going over the household chores for a spring clean, there are certain tasks that you put off until you feel like you absolutely have to do them. Some chores are not so bad, but some are really not fun to do for the average homeowner.

Guttering is extremely important in helping move water and accumulated debris away from your roof and into the drains. But when your gutters get clogged up with debris, you could find yourself with a leaky roof, or perhaps even more extensive damage to your home.

When gutter clearing is important

It is advisable to get your guttering cleared every year, but if the local tree climate has leaves falling all year round then you might want to do it more often. In any case, spring is a great time to have your gutters cleared, because rainfall will be decreasing and temperatures rising.


Here are three reasons it’s important to get your gutters cleared when the winter ends:

1. To eliminate pests

If you didn’t get your gutters cleared during the autumn and summer, there will probably be a collection of standing or even stagnant water in them. This is a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes, and as the weather warms up the activity of these creatures will start to increase.

Gutters full of debris like dirt and leaves are also attractive to rodents. The insulation will be perfect for their nesting activities, and in the spring, they could start entering your home.

2. To prevent damage to structures

Clogged gutters dropping overflowing water can weaken a building’s foundation as it seeps into the ground. This can slowly lead to cracks that get bigger and bigger, eventually making their way into the interior floors. Left unchecked, you could end up with extensive water damage and even standing water beneath your floorboards.

3. To avoid damage to guttering

As more and more debris clogs up your gutters, the risk of damage to the plastic increases. Heavier weight could cause the gutters to sag or become misaligned, and this could even lead to expensive problems with your roof. It’s always best to nip this in the bud before the problems become severe.

Gutter clearing is a chore, and at Green Team our mission is to carry out difficult chores like this for you, allowing you to focus on better things and have peace of mind that your guttering is working properly and safely. If you would like to ask any questions or make a booking, please feel free to contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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